Villarentturkey: Key holder

Find out here her obligations and responsibilities

The role of a keyholder

You provide a very important and personal service to our clients and owners. You look after both our guests and the owner’s property which is a vital responsibility.
Without your help a hassle-free letting would not be possible.

  • Before Arrival
    You must ensure the property is ready and cleaned for each set of new guests. It is important that the property is handed over to them in perfect condition.
  • Customer Service
    Before clients arrival, please check that electricity, hot and cold water, and heating are all available and in working order. Please check also the fridge. Please rovide toilet paper and rubbish bags.
  • Arrival
    In our booking conditions guests are asked to arrive between 16.00-19.00 hours. However, this may not always be possible. Please help guests who may be delayed.
  • The Deposits
    On your arrivals a deposit of 250.00 € or (500,00 TL) to compensate any possible damage made to the house and its furnishings. This deposit will be reimbursed if no damage is made. However, the reimbursement does not mean the house owner may not request any further payment for the damages not noticed during the reimbursement.
  • Arrival and Departure Checks
    We recommend that you inspect the property with the client on arrival and again on departure. This will avoid any disputes.
  • Problems
    If any guests should have a problem you must try to solve this immediately and inform the owner if repairs and/or replacements are required.

Has everything been prepared for the next guests? Ask for our check list.

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