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Can Mea Villa guarantee me a fixed income?

How many bookings a property receives is subject to several factors, including its facilities, setting, its price and the popularity of the region. After all, it’s up to our guests to decide where they want to go on holiday. So we cannot guarantee any particular level of income. However, our global sales network and active marketing do create the best possible conditions for a satisfactory level of bookings.

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Can I also occupy the property myself?

Of course you can. In low season you can occupy your property at any time, as long as no guests are booked in for the same period, but in high season you can do so only for a limited period of time, to secure as many bookings as possible. It is usually possible to self-occupy a property for two weeks in high season (summer: July/August; winter: February/March)

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What happens if something is stolen from my property, or something is damaged?

Our customers generally treat other people’s property with the greatest consideration, and are independently insured should any damage occur. We also offer an additional customised insurance policy to ensure your property has the maximum protection. We can of course take care of damage assessment and subsequent paperwork for you.

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Can I also receive my rental income on a monthly basis?

Yes. Just get in touch with your designated contact person at Mea Villa.

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Can I also receive my rental income in cash?

Unfortunately not. Payments to you will be made promptly by bank transfer.

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Is it possible to be paid in advance before the guests arrive?

Unfortunately not. To keep administration costs to a minimum, you will receive payments at the end of every month or every quarter.


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What happens if I am not achieving a satisfactory occupancy level with my property?

If this happens we will work together to analyse the problem and come up with a solution. Possible reasons for low occupancy be unattractive décor and facilities, too high a rate, or outdated or lacking interior or exterior photos.

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Do I get to find out details of who is using my holiday property?

Our customers' personal privacy is our highest priority, but we will be happy to tell you what country your guests come from.

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Can I terminate a contract before it is due to end?

The contract can be terminated by mutual consent, as long as this does not generate additional expenses or costs for you or for Mea Villa.

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How can my private key holder communicate with guests if he/she does not speak any foreign languages?

Mea Villa staff will be happy to assist with any language issues – either on-site or via our 24-hour hotline.

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Can I have my property listed with Mea Villa and with other agencies at the same time?

If you want to work with another agency, Mea Villa must always be informed of your updated availability in order to avoid double bookings. We guarantee our customers an instant booking service based on real time availability.

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Can I enter my periods of self-occupancy myself?

Unfortunately this isn’t possible, but you can inform us of your self-occupancy periods by phone, e-mail or fax at any time, and we will immediately update your availability in our system.

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How can I keep up to date with current bookings?

You and your key holder can either logging into our website with your personal log-in details or subscribe to our text message and e-mail service. There is also the option of receiving monthly or weekly booking lists by fax.

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Is there a designated contact person I can speak to?

Yes. You will have a personal advisor who is available at any time to answer your questions.

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What if I need to contact Mea Villa outside office hours?

You can reach us round the clock in our 24/7 call centre.

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Can I keep personal belongings in my holiday home?

We recommend that you keep all your belongings and valuable locked in a separate room or storage space.

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What can be done to ensure my property is regularly kept clean?

In many places Mea Villa has a reliable cleaning team on site. Otherwise we will be happy to help you find cleaning staff. Your Mea Villa contact will be pleased to provide you with further tips, like using mattress covers on beds, and other useful suggestions.